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100% fitted and manufactured in south Australia

Built Tough Using 5083 Grade Australian Aluminium

Not All Aluminium Is The Same

Our canopies are hand made in South Australia with 3mm 5083 high-tensile marine aluminium plate. Built for the overland touring market, or the tradesman who won’t settle for less than exceptional build quality and ruggedness. The motivation for building with such high-quality material is to achieve a body with one-piece roof and one-piece floor, welded to the rest of the structure – no rivets or screws. Other notable benefits when choosing 5083 over 5052 are an even higher resistance to corrosion and much greater tensile and yield strength, all without added weight – how good is that!

Custom Sizes, Based On Needs

We offer our canopies at any length greater than 1200mm, but body width minimum is 1900mm and height minimum is 1000mm. Typical vehicle cabin sizes suit these dimensions perfectly and the height gives maximum internal volume to carry more, and allows for fitment of the Dometic CRX140 upright fridge. Contact us for pricing on custom aluminium canopies.

Standard Equipment

Our builds come standard with internal LED lighting and integrated central locking on the canopy (not offered on side boxes due to mechanism size). Door switches interrupt the interior lighting circuit to turn off lights when doors are closed – canopy door switches are tied to vehicle driver’s door to utilize the OEM security system (assuming vehicle is equipped with one) and to prompt driver to close door(s) if one is left open prior to driving off.

  • A selection of premium quality LED rear combination lamps to choose from.
  • All bodies are fitted with OEM parking sensors and reverse camera from the original pickup body.
  • All bodies are professionally prepared and painted using premium products and colour options include either fully colour matched to the vehicle or a mixture of satin black and body colour included in pricing.

Option Up

Body extras we can offer include a rear ledge and wheel carriers, jerry can holders, gas bottle holders. In-fill panels for front of wheel guards to improve the look and finish. Trundle drawers and underbody water tanks. Solar panel mounting assemblies, roof rack adapters etc. Internal fitouts such as drawers and shelving.

Electrical Systems

Our team of highly capable auto electricians can install one of our system packages to suit your requirements or if none of the options offered are suitable, a custom solution is certainly within our scope of work. Get in touch for a consultation.

100% Manufactured and Fitted in South Australia


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